How Is Solar Energy Stored?

Solar panels are in demand now as these have gained popularity in very less time. It is not just the United States where they are widely used these days, but in other parts of the world many people are adopting this trend which is a good practice if you are a nature lover. Solar panels are used to trap the solar energy to store it in the batteries attached to the solar panels to provide the electricity to the place. This is good practice as natural resources are getting depleted at a faster rate and we need to save them. This is possible only when we find and adopt some alternatives. Like using solar panels which help in saving the coal which is used to produce the electricity. Now the question comes how solar energy stored in the batteries of solar panels provides electricity to the entire place which we will discuss in this article.

First let us understand what a solar storage system consists of. Basically the whole unit has solar panels, an inverter, equipment for the panel mounting on the roof and a performance monitoring system which is used to measure the electricity production. In this unit, solar panels are the main factor as it helps in capturing the solar energy and converting it into the electricity which is transferred to the inverter which converts it into a form which can be used for household purposes. The area where solar panels are used widely in majority, the residential solar energy system is connected with the power grid. So in case your panels produce more electricity than needed, the excess electricity is transferred to the power grid. And in the same way, when the solar panels do not produce enough electricity which is needed, then you can get the required electricity from the power grid. 

Solar batteries are responsible to store the solar energy produced by solar panels when not in use. When the solar batteries are installed with solar panels, it makes you enable to store the electricity produced by the solar panels when not in use and not to transfer to the power grid. So when the electricity produced by the solar panels in more quantity than needed, it is stored in solar batteries which is practically a good practice. So this is how solar energy stored is solar batteries which is really beneficial when there is no sun up or no electricity.