Types of business card

A business card is an individual who represents the organization and the place. It has a printed wallet, the person of the company and the contact information and the organisation’s logo. Depending on the corporation there are various Types of business card. Each card is tailored to a certain individual or occupation.

  1. The Trade Business cards

The conventional business card:

Commercial people typically get their own cards. If you are in the process of manufacturing plastic business cards, your rivals, financiers or suppliers will typically collect them. These types of business cards represent a specific business and very sharply and dapperly represent their owners. The architecture should be the profession of the individual.

If you are in a plastic company it is easy to get your business card printed, so why not print the cards for bread If you’re a baker then is the obvious question? That’s why picture has meaning in commercial cards.

  1. The classic business cards

If you have no innovative concept for a business card, a regular format is used. The card details is provisional, as are the business name, along with a small mark, the organisation’s address, the mail identity of the individual carrying the visiting card and the organization’s contact numbers as well as the person.

Classic business cards are rather professional, usually with a regular bold font on the white background.

  1. The wild format business card

Any companies play with numerous card types. Although some of them have a creative, big hold format that makes the card like a small brochure, others rather go small. These formats are in every way appealing and are seen instantly when they are offered to someone.

The only thing to remember in the planning of such business cards is, that they can be conveniently preserved by the individuals with whom you share them.

  1. The social business cards

A business card for social networkers reflects his communications activities. The business card typically does not involve conventional methods of communication. URLs of the Facebook and other websites in social media from Twitter are innovatively printed on the wallet.


Many social media practitioners followed a common pattern today of printing QR codes on the business card. Often people have a minimalist business card that looks clean and smooth and contains all the detail they need.

  1. Sided business cards

This business card forms are typically written on one side or on both sides. For eg, it is possible to print the company on one hand and the other, absolutely clean, or to print the logo on the other side of the business card. The sides of the Visa Card will in some situations be printed with a lot of details about the applicant or the services offered by your organization. These business card forms can be printed unilaterally or on two sides.


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